Thursday, June 9, 2011

China glaze crackle

So by now everyone has heard about these crackle polishes, if not where have you been?  I finally got myself some from China Glaze, Black Mesh and Crushed Candy.  Unfortunately they were the only ones at the site, the rest were sold out.  I'll have to get the rest soon though - these things are so fun!  Not only do they look great and are really easy to use but it's just plain fun.too.
Left - Crushed Candy crackle on top of For Audrey, M - Crushed Candy crackle over white, R - For Audrey

More photos after the jump ...

The very first thing I noticed really had nothing to do with the fact that this is a crackle, but that the Crushed Candy looked like a dupe of  China Glaze's For Audrey.  Already awesome, but just omg, naturally this gave me tons of ideas for manis.    First things first, had to compare the two, you can see in the picture above how close the colors are. 

 Naturally, I wanted to do a combo mani with For Audrey and black as the base with the crackles over alternating colors.    My Thumb and Pinky have ChG's Midnight Ride underneath with Crushed Candy on top, Index and Ring have For Audrey underneath with Black Mesh on top.   The middle finger matched the Thumb and Pinky until I got the brilliant idea to add glitter.   I love the glitter, but probably should have saved it for a different mani.

Speaking of China Glaze and Crackles, have you seen the new line of Metal Crackles they are pushing out in July?  OMG, I so cannot wait!