Sunday, July 4, 2010


It seems that I have computer issues more often than not.  My laptop has decided to die on me.   I tried chatting with some friends on Skype the other day and my fan was just going berserk insano.  After turning the comp off and trying to cool the laptop down nothing seemed to help.  I think the fan actually might be a little off anyhow so that didn't help matters.  After I think the second time trying to restart my computer it decided not to turn on at all.  It keeps requesting I do a system check, and then BSOD's on me. :(  I'll be sending it off shortly to my cousin's hubby to check out, hopefully it's a relatively easy fix.  Until then I only have access to my mother's computer which is painfully slow, doesn't have an art program and doesn't allow you to download images from an SD card.  Without the ability to plug my SD card directly into the comp I can't even upload photos since I can't begin to remember where the camera cable is.  Ugh.  

My nails have actually been doing really well.  With this new cuticle oil I'm using, a new hand lotion and taking a multi-vitamin my nails are growing so well! **   I've never had ALL my nails this long and healthy in, ever.  *knocks on wood*  Hopefully I can get everything back up and running before something happens to them so I can show them off.  I feel like all my effort on nice mani's are going to waste without being able to share them, lol.   I'd like to have photos when I get back, but unfortunately my card is full and I've nowhere to download the photos to so I can't even delete old ones.  I'll try to pick and choose a few to delete so I can at least get a decent shot of my newly long nails.

** I can't remember the exact names of these right now, but I'll do a proper post later with the brands.  The cuticle oil was a Sally Hansen product - not sure which, hand lotion was Bodycology in Buttercream Hand Lotion, and the multi-vitamins were One-A-Day Women's, not sure exactly the name. 

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